Things You Should Do If You Discovered a Snake’s Nest

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In case you have heard odd noises around your home or have seen a snake in your yard, you are probably worried that a snake may build its nest within your property. If the snakes do not present a threat, you may want to leave them alone. Snakes are beneficial to the environment. However, if you have kids or pets and think that they are in danger, you must act swiftly.

What Should I Do with the Snake’s Nest?
While most snakes are supposedly harmless, we still understand that most people will feel uncomfortable in their presence. You need a solution that will effectively get rid of the reptile and its nest. The best way to deal with this is still with the help of the pro. Remember that snakes may attack if they are coerced or threatened. Furthermore, you likely have no experience discerning the venomous from a non-venomous snake.

Is it Safe to Remove the Nest of the Snake?
If you have seen signs of snake activities in your garden, but you are pretty confident that none of them have invaded your house, you need to take some preventive measures to protect your family and your home from a possible snake invasion. Start by looking for signs of a snake’s nest. For instance, holes on the ground or piles of rocks can be a potential location of their nest. Remind yourself about the potential habitat of the snake. They prefer the dark, cool, and damp areas; therefore, it will not be surprising to discover the nest in the laundry area, utility room, basement, and in the crawl spaces of your home.

We do not recommend a DIY removal of the nest. However, you can take down notes that the snake removal experts can use once they arrive. When probing the possible nest of the snake, you need to use a long stick. Now that you are done inspecting these areas be sure to conduct some preventative measures. For instance, you should clear your trash and have a proper waste management system to avoid attracting rodents. The smell of rodents attract snakes, so you need to remove this food source as soon as possible.

What is a Snake Nest?
Using the term ‘nest’ to describe the habitat of the snake is a misconception. It is not like the bird’s nest. In fact, only the king cobra will build a nest for their offspring. People will often imagine that it is similar to the rodent’s nest that consists of a huge population. While there are instances when snakes will congregate in large numbers, such as in mating season or during cold weather, it will not be permanent, and they will soon disperse. The nesting spot of most snakes will simply be a loose soil, a hole, or a crevice. You can usually find them inside an abandoned animal burrow, leaf piles, dense vegetation, or a hollowed rotting log.

Once you notice the presence of snake activities in your properties, it is imperative to remember that you should never deal with the problem on your own. Allow the professionals to deal with them, to remain safe from any possible harm. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Chicago